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This Preferential Procurement Database is an Enterprise Development initiative that aims to market supplier's product and services at no cost. This Procurement Database is an online website that serves as a platform to connect corporate companies with supplier of goods and services in the greater Middelburg area. The database design is very user friendly, and it allows corporate companies to search for suppliers that meet their specific internal procurement policy criteria.

Benefits for Corporate Companies:

  • One point of contact for local supplier search
  • Needs analysis of 51% black owned EME's and QSE's available on request
  • Assisting in Enterprise and Supplier Development
  • Access to updated supplier documentation
  • Improve preferential procurement in your supply chain
  • Comply with B-BBEE codes of good practice through preferential procurement

Benefits for SMME's:

  • Serves as a free marketing platform for your company
  • Assist in becoming B-BBEE compliant with the help of the Business Linkage Centre (BLC)
  • Linking you with potential procurement opportunities
  • Automatic documents renewal notification two months before documents expiry



Available NOW:

Digital Mine Map Platform – Access mine information

Local Procurement Database – registered local companies with references

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The Business Linkage Centre

Business Linkage Centre has a 100% project success rate with a reputable track-record and solid endorsements. BLC should be your partner in B-BBEE solutions. BLC provide high quality projects with full recognition on BBBEE score-card. Our team of experts provides BBBEE information to eliminate BBBEE risks and penalties. We strive to have an immense impact in the local economy.

Our Benefits to our investors:

  • BLC a level 1 B-BBEE contributor thus meaning you can claim back 135% on your investments for preferential procurement
  • Classified as an EME to assist you on the procurement score-card
  • Issue article 18A certificates
  • First point of contact for local supplier search
  • Excellent reporting and supporting documents


Columbus Stainless (Pty) Ltd had a profound need for the sourcing of Suppliers fitting the profile described in terms of the Preferential Procurement element in the new Codes of Good Practice for B-BBEE.  No existing databases provided the search elements needed to find these Suppliers.  The drive towards supporting local economy also presented challenges.

The Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry provided a solution through the development of the Local Procurement Database which aims to list all Nkangala District Suppliers with the search criteria needed to source Suppliers that we need.  The use of the database helps to build a supply base which maximise the support from large corporate companies in the local economy and also helps us to maximise our performance on Preferential Procurement.

It is a great tool to use in the search of Suppliers with the added benefit of "behind-the-scenes" support from the Chamber to provide much sought after documentation like B-BBEE certificates, company profiles, and company registration documents and even needs analysis data that can be used in Enterprise- and Supplier Development initiatives. I can promote and recommend the use of this great tool to any business!