eFiling for Customs Registrations

eFiling for Customs Registrations
July 2019 Newsletter

SARS is hosting information sessions on the Customs Registration eFiling system they will be rolling out during the last quarter of 2019, to assist in the Registration, Licensing and Accreditation (RLA) of importers and exporters.

The purpose of the information sessions is to inform businesses that SARS is planning to action a decision to bring forward the implementation of particular business processes and systems capabilities, that would have been completed under the new Customs Acts.  As the new Acts will only be applied by 2025, SARS decided to introduced RLA under the provisions of the 1964 Customs & Excise Act.

The first phase of the RLA is expected to go live towards the end of 2019.  Certain client types will be able to submit new applications for registration via eFiling.  The impacted client types will also be able to have applications captured by Customs staff at their preferred Customs Branch.  The eFiling system will be rolled out on a port-by-port basis, starting in Alberton, followed by other big regional offices and eventually the smaller land border offices. The remaining client types will continue to support the current “as-is” registration process.

For more information members can access the www.sars.gov.za>Customs and Excise>New Customs Legislation Update>RLA.  MCCI has a summarised version available for members.