Why do we set goals?

Why do we set goals?
June 2019 Newsletter

This question was answered over a period of 5 months with a group of selected businesses. Content included:

  • Mission/Vision
  • Generating cash flow
  • Streetwise marketing
  • Sales
  • Leadership and team
  • Leverage
  • Systems
  • Finance

Some feedback from participants:

  • Xpert Welding: “Learning about marketing – market share = wallet share”
  • Golden Steel Engineering: “The material that was given and the slideshow on how you could achieve anything. Positiveness.”
  • AMS: “5 ways to increase business profit”
  • Abadwebi: “Marketing strategy”
  • Do Brand Engineers: “Everything was good as sales and marketing is my field”
  • Mbungiswa Logistics: “Learning to know your customers and planning the way to get to market your business”


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