Middelburg is an extensive farming and industrial town in the South African province of Mpumalanga. The British Army occupied Middelburg on 27 July 1900 and left at the end of the Anglo-Boer War after 1903. At that time, the businesses that survived the occupation formed the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce in 1903.

MCCI has had many exciting projects that have impacted our town’s economy. MCCI has offered medical aid for smaller businesses’ staff members for more than fifty years, since 1957. MCCI established the English High School, Steelcrest in the 1980s. In 1998 MCCI opened the Information Centre that offered tourism and business information. These successes inspired every generation to support and create a prosperous community.

Who are we, and what does Middelburg Chamber stand for?

From the beginning, the local businessmen formed the association to protect and advance business in Middelburg. From this small beginning of a handful of members, the Chamber mushroomed into a business association respected by its sister chambers throughout the country.

The original aim of being a watchdog for business remains relevant. MCCI hold the local government bodies accountable for the environment in which the various industries operate. MCCI acts as an advisory institution for local people in business.

Our Message

“As the leading Middelburg business organisation, we strive to unite the majority of business. We aim to influence our commercial and industrial environment by encouraging members to active commitment, innovation and professional service to protect and advance business in Middelburg.”

J. Cambell, H. Laver, J.W. Henwood, H.O. Eksteen, J Rabie, JB Hill (Secretary), G.L. Langridge, J.S. Williams, S. Shimeld, A.J. Burrows

Our Vision

Working towards a prosperous community.
MCCI focus on development and organisation of commercial and trade in the local Steve Tshwete Municipal area. We also support and create opportunities for sustainable development.

Our Vision

MCCI is an autonomous not for profit institution. It enjoys its legal entity to represent the various products and services activities of our members. Our tasks and duties are to give the best services to member firms and companies. We issue membership certificates to members that are in good standing, and we communicate regularly with our members to inform them of MCCI’s fixed and occasional functions, events or related activities.

Our Cause

Make Middelburg a Smart City
As our physical and digital worlds become intertwined, The Chamber is supporting Middelburg to use these connections to realise their advantages.

Digitalization will enable Middelburg to recognise opportunities and face challenges with ease. What Middelburg has in common with major cities is their effort to use digital transformation as an opportunity for lasting positive change. And with international companies located her, this is a sure way for business to embrace the Smart City concept. Making Middelburg a Hub for Commerce, Industry and Tourism by working with Local Businesses and Residents.

Our Vision

We aim to be a Centre of Excellence by the delivery of outstanding services, and in the pursuit of our targets. Therefore quality benchmarks must be achieved, and MCCI continually strives to ensure that its performance matches the high expectations of its members and the public.

South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Chamber of the year award – 2010/11
World Chamber Forum Finalist
Youth Development Programme - 2013