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Outlined below are the benefits of becoming a member:

The membership application must be completed and signed by an authorised signatory.

11 reasons your Annual MCCI Membership pays for itself:

It’s only a matter of time before you’ve wholly recouped your membership fees through these benefits.

Belonging to MCCI offers access to an established network where legitimate businesses can meet and engage. MCCI is a safe space for being heard and finding opportunities. 

List of services and costs:



Non-members Members
1 Access to incoming trade delegations Charged for FREE
2 Advocating/Lobbying on behalf of a business Everyone benefits  
3 Business Information Service (Ask us anything) Not available FREE
4 Certificates of Origin Full rate Reduced rate
5 Conferences and major events Full rate Discounted or Free
6 Connecting with a dynamic business community Not available Accessible
7 Email correspondence Available mostly Available in total
8 Export assistance Not available FREE
9 Individuals who can benefit from membership None All staff
10 Key stakeholder engagement No access FREE
11 Local Procurement Portal Partial addition Full information
12 Mail Blasts (Mailshots) Not available Discounted rate
13 Many talks and informative events Full rate Reduced rate
14 MCCI Vouchers To purchase only Redeemed at members
15 Member to Member deals Not available Accessible
16 Networking Events Attend Host
17 Opportunity to run courses Not available Profit share
18 Portfolio Committees Not available FREE access
19 Regional Map of the Mines (130 mines) Not available Discounted rate
20 Ribbon cuttings (promoted on social media) Not available FREE
21 Rooms for hire Full rate Discounted rate
22 Sponsorship and advertising Full rate Reduced rate
23 Tiered member rates N/A Affordable rates
24 Training in a wide variety of courses Full rate Reduced rate
25 Use of MCCI Logo Not allowed FREE to use