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  1. Mailshot will only be sent out upon full payment of purchase agreement; this includes multiple Mailshots.
  2. Mailshots must be booked at least ONE MONTH in advance (if space is available).
  3. A member is only allowed to send out one mailshot per month, to give other members also a chance to participate.
  4. Limited spaces are available each month, and we cannot guarantee immediate distribution. You may have to wait for the next available slot.

I declare to supply the correct information for the Mailshot/s, and that the editors of Mailshot service are not responsible for incorrect information provided by me.

I undertake to make payment in advance and understand that I may forfeit my advertisement if payment is not made. I hereby declare when purchasing multiple mailshots I will complete the package in full and will still be liable for the payment even if I don’t advertise. I will provide the advertisement at least one week before the date of distribution.

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